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My Mare
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What's goin on!

So we had a fabulous year!!! We moved up to training in May after one novice in the spring.  We surprisingly went clean and were fast!  Our next 2 T's were a wake up call that said- HEY LAURA, u have to RIDE!!!!  Those 2 very technical courses made me aware of how much I really have to ride out there.  At Hunter's Run we really straightened up, and qualified ourselves for the Training Champs.  We went to Richland Park and again went clean.  Then the training champs- would've been clean, but 3 from home had an unexpected trip to the hospital due to by random inability to steer. *sigh*. We then decided not to end the year on a bad note, and packed up and headed to KY where we had one random "honest" run out due to a crappy approach/footing.  1 hospital trip, 2 ICKS, 3 cleans and 1 other happy performance- I say it twas a fabulous year!! For both of ours first year at Training, I couldn't have asked for more.  Next year we're gunna play it by ear and do the Training 3-day, and then see how she feels, and move up to Prelim when she says shes ready.  Hopefully we'll get to train with Stuart for a little bit- just to confirm some shtuff.
   This winter I'm hoping to further our Dressage training and do lots of Gymnastics to get her jumping more correct and more off her hind end, lifting those leggies so she stops having to make such huge efforts due to her dangling legs. I'm sure prelim is within reach by mid season.  We'll see how it goes.  I'd like to do P at Hunter's Run, since it is our "home turf" and we already got 2nd at T...  We've schooled most of the course, and I'm pretty sure it's do able.  We'll have to boost up the conditioning next season so we can hopefully make time a lot easier. But that's no problem.  I've got her on chondroiton (adequan rip-off that's 1/2 the price) to help her joints, and I'll probably put her on MSM just to help keep her really happy.  I'm hoping in 2005 to do YR's.... I really think she can do it.  I really really do. 
we shall see!!!!! :)
I love my mare.