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My Mare
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     This site is about my mare and I.  She's wonderful- her name is Bahada.  Her registered name is Bahada Irish Story, which i have found out is because she was born on St. Patricks day and the Bahada and Story come from her dam and sire. 
      I have pictures on here and descriptions of my show season, and just other info about my wonderful mare.  :)  Hope you enjoy it!
My plans 
          *~ 2004 ~*
~* Encore-prelim- in June*~
~*Gemwood-Prelim if Encore goes well in July*~
~*Nationals in NC! T Sept*~
Bahada will be available for lease in October! I am cutting and pasting my "Lease Ad" here.
Bahada is a 13 y.o. 15.2h.h. Appendix QH mare that will be available for FULL LEASE no earlier then October 2004. She and her current owner have competed successfully at Training level eventing, and had a clean endurance day at the Mayfest Training Level 3 day this year. They are attempting a few prelims this year and finishing off at Nationals in Sept. at Training level, which will sadly be the peak of
Bahadas career.  Minor arthritis and the limit of her talent have helped me decide that she would be better off teaching someone else the ropes. She is looking for an intermediate junior or adult rider
with a SOFT hand that wants to compete at the novice and training levels. I would call her a packer, but she is not a simple point and kick horse- She will teach you to be an active and effective rider because she requires it in order to give you the results you want. With the right
Rider she will continue to be successful at the lower levels. Her owner is going to East Lansing in September, and bringing Bahada with her. I would prefer she stay in Lansing because I love her dearly and would like to keep an eye on her.  E-mail me if you are interested at
:) thanks! :)

My Senior Picture, done with my lovely mare of course :)

another senior proof :)

grazing on the lawn at home