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My Mare
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About Me

The Rider...

Hi, I'm laura. I am a Sophomore in college at Michigan State University. RIght now I'm still a bit undecided, but I'm tryin to make my way to vet school. We'll see how that works out!


Barn Name: Laura
Gender: Mare
Age: 19
height: 16h.h.
Color: Chestnut
Eyes: Hazel
Enjoys riding, running, painting and loves her horse!

      I have been riding since I was 10.  My parents kept putting it off, hoping it was just a phase... it didn't work.  They then tried to have my aunt make me do grunt work with her horse, Blue, but that got me more addicted.  Riding is such a drug.
     I started eventing in 2000, and have since been.  I have now completed one Prelim with my horse Bahada.  I started at BN with a horse named Dakota. Then i did N with a mare named Kelly, and now I am working with Bahada who has proven to be a very good teacher.  She is a challenging horse that requires the perfect ride to get the results that you want.  I enjoy dressage almost more then jumping, but I'd have to say it's an even tie.  Bahada is my first very own horse :).  She will be with me til death do us part.
          I work hard to ride.  I work at the barn I board at to pay off lessons and part of my board.  I have paid for all of my horse expenses (minus gifts and lease payments) since I was 14. Yes, i realize lease is expensive, but competing seriously all year round- I'd have a nice brand spankin' new car if I'd saved everything from the past 4 years. 
    Someday I want to own my own training facility after saving up money from whatever career I end up doing.  It'll be awesome. :) I hope riding ends up as my profession someday. I really truely love it.

senior picture :)
i don't usually wear skirts though...