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My Mare
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My future home- Shadowfax Farms

My future training facility dream

     To all the junior riders out there- Have you ever been told- no you can't do a working student program, you have to go to school? or- no you can't go train in florida over the winter, you have to go to school?  Or anything along those lines? I have the solution.
    My dream is to build a 4* training facility that is also a boarding school combined.  Juniors would come and live at the facility in designated apartments, go to school during the day, and then ride and train all afternoon.  It would be offered year round to anyone who so desired to come.  You can bring your horse(s), but would also have the ability to ride a "school horse" that would be of at least prelim quality.  I hope to have a breeding program with a foundation breeding stallion and a few mares.   This will help the students to know what it's like to raise/break/train babies of all ages.  This training facility will be of the best quality available while having lots of students.  The students will, for the most part, care for the entire barn, from AM chores and feeding, to PM feeding.  They will ride daily and have lessons frequently.  It will be any juniors door into the horse world and 4* training facility ownership.
There would be 200+ acres of land: 100+ for a cross country course and 100 for pastures and the barn and training facility.  There will be two large indoors (1 for jump 1 for Dressage) and several outdoor arenas (2 jumping and 2-3 dressage and 1 large open one).  There will be at least 4 trainers on grounds, including myself, all of upper level riding and teaching ability.  I have not decided yet if I will have the school on grounds or if the students will attend a public school not far from the grounds.
The cross country course will be based on the Lord of the Rings.  I have the generic idea of it planned out. The different feilds will be different places of middle earth, and shall go in the order that they go in the LOTR story. Jumps will be created to depict various parts of the story.  It will be really awesome :).  I chose the name Shadowfax Farms because that is the name of Gandalfs horse, and I like it very much!  It will be of fine quality and we will host 2 events every year, drawing competitors from all over.
It's any young riders dream. who wouldn't want to come?  Yes, it will cost money.  The board of your horse will cost money, and your board will cost money.  If i have the school on grounds, that as well will cost money.  I will have scholarships available to those who need it and really want to come.  The details of any costs of any sort have not been thought about yet.
There will be horses in training by private owners, my own horses, and of course- bahada will have a pasture to live out her days under my care.  There will be outside students that take lessons, and other services.  A ferrier for the barn will also live on grounds and will help out around the barn as well. We will grow our own hay, and lauren will take care of that ;).  There are many other ways we can make an income, i just have to figure them out yet.   
SOOOO much to think about... will write more when i come up with it all! But i assure you, this is not just a dream. It will become a reality.  Just you wait.