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My Mare
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Show Season 2002

The begining...

 Beginner Novice

This season was our first season together.  We decided inspite of the lack of partnership and training, that we would just jump out there and see what we could do.  And surprisingly enough, she did quite awesome! 
Our first event, at South Farm in Ohio, was quite interesting.  Not only was she a nut since she hadn't been away from home in such a long time, but she was a nut to ride.  Our dressage went decent, got a 42.5 for our first time out, and then went double clear in both stadium and cross country.  Though on cross country we were going training speed, she was flying.  We ended up getting 5th place out of 12 (i think). 
Our next event was a schooling event, and we got 4th palce. Again, a decent dressage with 2 fast clear rounds. 
Our last BN event was at Hunters Run- our "home turf", and we got 1st place!  Another decent dressage test of 42.5, and a clean XC with a rail down in stadium, we managed to edge out the not-so-great competition.  At least the XC made me feel better, cuz the other people in my division really weren't too great... But all in all- i was very pleased with her willingness and the fact that she was settling down with each show.
Novice Level

The "big move up" was at Checkmate Horse Trials in Canada.  We AGAIN got a 42.5 in dressage.  In spite of the crazed up times (stadium was 2 hours late!) and her cutting her pasturn, we only knocked one rail on a MAXED out course.  Then on XC we got a refusal at a rather large up bank, which she took fine the 2nd time.  She was great tho, and even was awesome when i pushed her for time- and we did finished inside optimum time. We didn't place, but i was pleased.  and the trailer ride with beth was well worth the trip!
Our next novice was at Equus 3-day, where we got eliminated on XC... She was so psycho and ran past everything... i couldn't control her.  So we put a different bit in her mouth for the next show, Richland Park, and she was great.  We would've placed there had we not been 40 seconds too fast.  That was by far, the best cross country round i've ever had tho.  Our last Novice of the season was at the Kentucky Horse Park.  It was a team challenge, and i looked forward to this all summer.  Our team looked to be doign great after Dressage- we were in 3rd.  But i again, got a 42.5.... *sigh*.  XC, however, ate our team alive.  2 of us got eliminated, and me and Jeff finished, but i had 1 refusal, and he had 2.  Go figure the least experienced one would finish on top!  We got a stop at the ditch- but it was my fault, i gave up at the last second. All in all she was fabulous tho! What a great first year together. Just gotta work on the dressage and we are set to go!